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Captain Rex Mueller named Sioux City Police Chief



"I would like to introduce my candidate to replace Chief Doug Young as our police chief, Captain Rex Mueller," said City Manager Bob Padmore. Sioux City has a new chief.  

A press conference at 10 a.m. Tuesday morning was held to announce Captain Rex Mueller as the new Sioux City Police Chief. 

Before City Manager Bob Padmore made the announcement, he spoke highly of the department. While there were two finalists from outside of the department, Padmore said ultimately the decision was made to choose within the department. "We have a great Police Department, that we're lucky to have," said Padmore. "We're lucky to have all the members of the police department. We don't need to fix anything, we might need to tweek some things, but we've got a great department. We don't need somebody coming in and overhaul anything." 

Once Captain Rex Mueller was named the choice, the room filled with cheers.

Mueller is a 21-year veteran on the Sioux City Police Force, joining in 1996. 

A Sioux City native, Mueller loves his hometown, and is proud to serve his community. 

He took the time to thank citizens for making his job easy, and extended his gratitude toward his fellow officers. 

"Most of all, I have to thank the officers," said Captain Rex Mueller, New Police Chief of Sioux City. "They are who I come to do this job for every day. They make my day just incredible and the interaction I get with them, and the loyalty I have for them."  

Mueller said he believes current Chief Doug Young has done an outstanding job, and he is proud to fill his shoes. 

 Young said he knows the department is in good hands. "He's just a go-to guy," said current Sioux City Police Che if Doug Young. "He's always been there when I have asked him to do something, and his dedication to the job, and the community is unsurpassed."

Chief Doug Young will step down on August 31, and Mueller will take his place on September 1st.

Until then, Mueller will continue to serve his community as Captain.


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City Manager Bob Padmore announced Tuesday Captain Rex Mueller is named the new Sioux City Police Chief. 

Mueller is a 21-year veteran on the Sioux City Police Force, joining in 1996. 

His most recent assignment is Captain of Patrol. 

Other finalists included Captain Lisa Claeys, who is currently assigned as the commander of the Support Services Bureau, Patricia Feese, who's a lieutenant with the Colorado Springs Police Department and Philip Smith, who's currently the Chief of Police in Roswell, New Mexico. 

Earlier this year, current Police Chief Doug Young announced his retirement. He will be stepping down on August 31.  

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