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HEALTHBEAT 4: Safely enjoying the Solar Eclipse


Excitement continues to grow throughout Siouxland for the upcoming solar eclipse.

With that excitement, comes a potential for danger.

Dr. Jason Jones, a physician and surgeon at Jones Eye Clinic, says that looking at an eclipse without the proper protection, will damage your eyes permanently. 

"You really should not be looking at the sun, there's a reason it hurts," said Dr. Jason Jones, physician and surgeon at Jones Eye Clinic. "It's telling you that this is not healthy and safe for your body."

Dr. Jones says there is safety eyewear around you to purchase, to enjoy the eclipse.

But, you need to make sure it is the right safety eyewear.

"There's actually a marking on here that's specific," said Dr. Jones. "It's called an I-S-O number which you want to look for. And you should also see markings of the manufacturer, and where it was made, how to contact the company, on the product. It helps to make sure the company is standing behind this product."

Think you can get away with looking at the eclipse without eyewear for just a small moment?

"It's not worth it- don't risk your good health and your good vision," said Dr. Jones. "It's something that we all should take care of- and this is the best way to do it, to use proper products."

And remember, protective eyewear should be worn over regular prescription glasses.

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