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READY 4 THE BELL: Getting kids back on a school sleep schedule


Early wake up calls, set meal times, and a day full activities.

Getting back into the swing of school can be an adjustment, but there are some things parents can do now to help their kids get into the groove.

Experts say it's time to set a bed time and stick to it.  

"As a mom of three, I know in the summer we are a little willy-nilly with our bed time routine. So getting that started a couple weeks before they return to school can really help them to transition better," said Erica Bonstead, Mercy Business Health, wellness specialist and athletic trainer.  

"'Cause you know that first week or two it's like they are half asleep still," said Megan Rorris, Sioux City Fifth Grade Teacher, "So just getting them in a normal routine of getting up."

Experts say it's important kids are getting to bed by 8:30 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. depending on the age of your child. 

Also practice that morning routine. 

"Kids, especially in those younger elementary age groups, they have no concept of time - give them something visual," said Jenna Andrews, Beyond the Bell Program Director, "Create a picture story where we are waking up, and the next we're getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing our teeth, put our shoes on and to the car. Then they're seeing and checking off in the brains...okay, I did, that I did that, I did that." 

Andrews adds taking the time to get things ready the night before will also ease in that morning rush.

"Lay out the clothes, pack the lunch, find their shoes and their jacket. Have that packed and by the door ready to go," said Andrews, "I know that everyone is really busy and we're tired but taking the 10 seconds to do it the night before is really going to ease the time in the morning." 

And start eating meal at a regular time. 

"We're eating breakfast at 7:15 a.m. because we have to be out that door by a certain time," said Megan Rorris.

"Have them eat at a certain time too," said Darrell Langley, Sioux City Elementary School Counselor, "Because they are always starving by the time lunch comes." 

Also, start having your student do some school-like activities.

"Depending again on their age," said Andrews, "Have them do some independent reading before bed, just to get them back into the swing of things.

The experts say following these tips will help set your child up for a successful school year.

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