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ECLIPSE SAFETY: Do's and Don'ts!

(NBC News) -

It's been pretty well established that you should never look directly at the sun. 

The problem is, next Monday, people all over the country will be tempted to do just that during the solar eclipse.

Solar glasses block 99-percent of the sun's harmful UV rays. They are the only safe way to look directly at the sun.  Certified glasses will be stamped with the code: Iso 12312-2. 

D-I-Y solar filters are not recommended.

"People have done a lot of strange things," says Clemson University's Dr. Sean Brittain. "They take, like, a glass with like tea in it or coffee or something to put in front of it. Not safe."

Peering through a dark beer bottle won't work, nor will spray-painting glass.

Astronomers who teach kids about eclipse safety have heard it all.

"One of the little girls at the schools asked if her dog needs eclipse glasses," says Andrew Garmon.

They do not.  Animals know better than to look at the sun, and may use the darkening sky as a sign to nap.

Humans meanwhile, can and should experience this celestial sight. 

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