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Sioux city sees fourth gas leak of the Summer


Sioux City had its fourth gas leak of the summer early Thursday morning. 

A gas line was struck after city crews were working in the area of West 1st and Leonard. 

"No particular reason, it's just, you know, Summer is busier than Winter I guess, you know. So, there's more outside construction and stuff going on. But, that probably lends itself to the underground leaks anyhow," says Asst. Fire Chief Dan Cougill. 

Summer may be the season for construction, but before homeowners and companies do any excavating they must call Iowa One Call 811 to get the area marked. 

"Iowa One Call can then look up that area of proposed excavation, map it, if you will. We'll pull up and find out who owns underground infrastructure in that area of proposed excavation. We then transmit locate requests or notices back out to those underground facility operators," says Ben Booth, Public Relations Manager of Iowa One Call 811. 

If a gas leak does happen, Iowa One Call says it's important to evacuate the area and call emergency crews to help. 

"The first and foremost thing is about safety and damage prevention. Always call before you dig. Wait the required 48 hours. If you do come in contact with something call 911 and make sure you notify the owner/ operator of that underground facility as soon as you know who owns it," says Booth. 

Marked pipelines can be hit for any number of reasons. 

Even Iowa's harsh winters can play a role. 

"In Iowa where we have a frost and thaw cycle, there's actually something known as migration where things that are in the ground can actually migrate. And, in many cases migrate towards the surface" says Booth

Iowa One Call says if a natural gas line is hit without calling 811, you can face a fine of up to half a million dollars from the Iowa Attorney General. 

If a gas line was marked and still hit, it's up to the utility company and the party who hit the line to come up with a deal. 

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