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Plywood Trail land ownership approved by Siouxland Chamber Transportation Committee


The controversial Ply-Wood trail has been given land ownership during a Transportation Committee Meeting of the Sioux City Chambers of Commerce.

The trail, named after the two counties it connects, Plymouth and Woodbury, may run through private land and this has some landowners concerned. they say it will be an inconvenience, a hazard and  possibly a liability.

The proposed Plywood Trail will start in the Leeds neighborhood in Sioux City, and run sixteen miles through Sioux City, Hinton, Merrill and Le Mars.

"I know that they are not looking at any imminent domain or anything like that, they are going to use in some locations abandoned railway and DOT right of ways, the hope of the project is to make it beneficial to everyone," said Alex Watters, Sioux City, City Councilman.

Organizers say an estimated 100,00 people would make use of the trail, and that could mean an economic impact of up to 2.5 million dollars for Plymouth and Woodbury counties. 

"It is a challenge to recruit outside of our region skilled workers, so we were thinking what can we do, what kind of investment can we make that adds value and draws good folks and good business to our community," said Greg Grupp, Plywood Trail Executive Committee Member. 

Grupp adds that none of the plans are set in stone, and they are open to any and all suggestions.

"We are soliciting some other ideas, there was some landowners last night that brought some good ideas to the table, they said what if you did this with the trail and instead of going straight this way, go this way then down this way, and I was like yea, that is not a bad idea, let's look at that," continued Grupp. Right now about ?? number of people have shown up to voice their concerns and give feedback on the trail. 

The trail committee says some of the concerns are premature as the design and development are not set in stone. 

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