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Changes for school immunizations for upcoming school year


It's back to the books for students across Siouxland. 

But, 7th and 12th graders heading back to school are returning to new immunization rules in the state of Iowa. 

Students entering those grades will need their Meningococcal Vaccine. 

7th Graders will also have to have their Tdap vaccine. 

"The law in the past allowed a provisional acceptance. The law changed this year where we can not do the provisional acceptance for that meningococcal. So, that is why it's so important that students know from day 1, you have to have your vaccine proof or your exemption certificate in order to enter school," says Mandie Mayo, with Sioux City Community Schools

Physicians say it's important for students to get their immunizations before the upcoming school year. 

"As adolescents are preparing for school, getting exposed to many bacteria and viruses, it's important that they have that protection," says Dr. Jason Losee, a Family Medicine and Sports Medicine Physician with UnityPoint- St. Luke's. 

7th and 12th grade students are required to have their Meningococcal vaccine, specifically the A vaccine, which protects against the most common bacteria. 

"If children or adolescents were to catch meningitis from this bacteria, again it's the most common bacteria to cause meningitis, it can be fatal in about 10 to 15% of the time. So, because of the great risk for death from a meningitis it is very important for them to have that protection" says dr. Losee. 

Meningitis isn't the only vaccine parents need to be aware of this upcoming school year. 

"Tdap protects against Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis. there are three different types of organisms and diseases that, that protects against," says Dr. Losee. 

Ringing in a new school year with a clean bill of health. 

There are vaccination exemptions for religious, and medical, reasons. 

A Link for the exemption certificate is below.

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