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Students in SSC experience solar eclipse


Starting the school year off with a bang, freshman at South Sioux City High School had to research, prepare and present their findings on the total solar eclipse to their classmates, afterward they headed outdoors to witness first hand what they just presented in theory.

"I want to pay attention to the shadows that our teacher told us about, the snake shadows, also, since we are only seeing shadows, I want to see the bailey beads," said Yesenia Balderas, South Sioux City Freshman.  

Along with hundreds of students who witnessed the event, school faculty also got in on the fun, it was an eclipse with participation in totality. 

"We are hoping that it drops five degrees, when we check it when it is at totality," says a 9th-grade student. 

While some stood in awe, others took a view from a different vantage point, but no matter what your viewing angle, it was an event like no other.

"We think of the moon being so much smaller and the sun being so much bigger, but with the distance between them they looked like the same size for that 2 minutes and 40 seconds, such a phenomenon to see, so awesome," said Science Teacher, Anya Covarrubias, 9th Grade Science Teacher.

Covarrubias says she hopes this enthusiasm for science will last throughout the year. 

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