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READY 4 THE BELL: Keeping that first-day momentum all year long


Now that the first day of school is in the books, parents are dealing with a new set of challenges -- back to school anxiety.

Experts say it's important for parents to ensure their student it's okay to be a little nervous.

"I think just having a parent just reassuring their son or daughter that school is fun, share that excitement," said Darrell Langley," Sioux City Elementary School Counselor, "But also recognize that things do make them nervous and that's okay and you're there to support them." 

A way to help with those nerves is by asking engaging questions about their day.

"Who are some of the people that you've met -- tell me about those new friends that you met. So that it's not just a yes or no question" said Jenna Andrews, Beyond the Bell Program Director, "Even though some of them may respond with: 'How was your day? Fine,'  "They really do want you to listen."    

"Ask specifically about what did you do in math today? Did you multiply? Did you divide -- depending on your students grade level," said Langley, "So that you can get the kids talking about the actual math lesson." 

Also, remember if you're seeing a lot of nerves with your student as the school year goes on, contact your child's teacher or counselor.

"Let them know, 'hey my daughter, my son, is a little anxious about this or that is there anything that we can do here at home to help them," said Langley, "Or is there anything at school that you see as a teacher if you can help out."

Also emphasizing the positive things about school, such as meeting new friends and getting involved in activities to help kids stay engaged all year long. 

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