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Monarch Butterfly released at Art Splash


Those attending Art Splash on Saturday were treated to a special type of "living art experience."

Courtesy of the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center and the Woodbury County Conservation Department, a real-life piece of art was released into nature. A Monarch Butterfly hatched Friday and was tagged and released.

The Monarch Butterfly is nearing extinction so festival goers got a hands on experience in taking milkweed seeds and making milkweed bombs to help in the survival of the Monarch Butterfly. 

"It's just an easy way for people to throw them out into their garden or into a ditch or different places to plant common milkweed around for the pollinators and especially the butterflies because that is actually the plant butterflies survive off, is milkweed," said Kately Brinkerhoff, Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center.

Kids also got to see caterpillars as well as several butterfly Chrysalis. Everyone who stopped by the booth could make and take home, Milkweed bombs to plant. 

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