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UPDATE: Dakota Valley students unveil 9/11 mural featuring piece of World Trade Center towers


The North Sioux City community honored the memories of those lost during the September 11 attacks through artwork. 

A mural, which was created by the Dakota Valley High School Art Class, features the beam from the World Trade Center towers. The volunteer fire department reached out to the art department to create the mural. In just a few months, the students finished their tribute to those who lost their lives. "I think it is a real testament that the kids are able to reflect to this, most of them probably don't remember it, they weren't old enough, they grew up in the shadow of it but they were able to absorb the concept of the whole tragedy," said Bill Pappas, North Sioux City Fire Chief. 

The kids say even though they weren't aware of the tragedy when it happened 16-years ago, they all found a way to connect with the piece of art. "We thought this was the coolest thing ever to get to make something for the community and its gonna stay there for as long as the fire department is there," said Chase Olsen, Dakota Valley High School Art Club. "It looks absolutely amazing, we put in a lot of hard work and I think it is awesome that we get to represent the fire department, said Eryn Sandwell, Dakota Valley High school Art Club. Niya Broveak with the Art Club adds, "It's awesome, its really cool that we have something in North Sioux City."

 The mural will remain a permanent fixture at the North Sioux City Fire Department. 

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