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ACT scores released for the tri-state area

(AP) -

Officials say Iowa's 2017 composite ACT score dropped to 21.9 from 22.1 for the class of 2016.

Score reports released Wednesday from Iowa City-based ACT also say 24 Iowa students scored a perfect 36 in tests taken in spring, compared with 10 last year.
Two-thirds of Iowa students who graduated in 2017 took the college entrance exam, compared with 60 percent nationally.
ACT says 56 percent of the Iowa students indicated they plan to attend college and earn bachelor's degrees, and 27 percent said they'll seek graduate or professional degrees. Nationally, 41 percent said they'll seek bachelor's degrees and 34 percent graduate or professional degrees.

Officials say Nebraska's composite ACT score for 2017 remained unchanged from the 2016 figure.
The scores released Wednesday by the Iowa City, Iowa-based ACT show Nebraska's 2017 high school graduates scored a composite 21.4 -- higher than the national average of 21 out of the 36 possible.
The college entrance exam has English, math, reading and science reasoning sections. ACT measures college readiness by whether students hit benchmark scores in the four sections. ACT says just 28 percent of Nebraska students met the benchmarks in all four areas, compared with 27 percent nationally.

South Dakota
Officials say South Dakota saw a significant increase in the percentage of graduating seniors who took the ACT in 2017, while the state’s average composite score remained above the national average and down slightly from 2016.

South Dakota’s average ACT score for 2017 was 21.8, compared to the national average of 21.0 and last year’s statewide average of 21.9. The composite score reflects sub-scores for English, math, reading and science. In South Dakota, 80 percent of graduates took the ACT in 2017, compared to 76 percent in 2016. Nationally, 60 percent of 2017 graduates took the ACT, and of the six states that tested 70 to 90 percent of their students, South Dakota had the second-highest average ACT composite score.

According to ACT, 93 percent of South Dakota’s 2017 ACT test-takers indicated that they aspire to pursue postsecondary education. The same was true of 2016 ACT test-takers; however, only 75 percent of those 2016 graduates actually enrolled. 

For more information, visit ACT's website here

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