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Dakota City welcomes public to new fire station


One Siouxland community spent the afternoon celebrating the opening of a brand new fire station. 

Dakota City Volunteer Fire Department invited the community to come check out their brand new facility. 

Members of the community were able to join in on the open house fun and see new equipment the fire station received through a grant. 

The fire department provided hot dogs for all those in attendance. 

The new facility is something the Dakota City Volunteer Fire department has been looking forward to for a long time. 

"We've done a lot of planning. We've changed plans I don't know how many times but, we did it on paper. I mean, we went as far as in the old fire hall snapping lines on the floor with measurements saying 'OK this is how big the kitchen is, what do we need to move around? What do we want, where? Where do we want a door?' You know, everybody had an involvement in this thing" says Dakota City Mayor Jerry Yacevich 

All the planning for the new station will benefit the entire department as well make response time faster. 

"It's nice to get all of our equipment in one station, now. We used to have some equipment in Jackson and some outside so, for training purposes, for the community, it's best that we get all of our equipment in one building, so we can better serve the community if all of our equipment is in one house or one area" says Dakota City Fire Chief Clint Rasmussen. 

The new fire station cost 2 point 2 million dollars and took about a year to build. 

The station was paid for with a half percent sales tax raise. 

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