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Siouxland couple stuck on Caribbean Island after Hurricane Irma


Le Mars, Iowa, resident Tiffany Konz and her husband left for St. Thomas on September 2nd. They were supposed to be back home Thursday, but Mother Nature had other plans.

Hurricane Irma has left the island in shambles.

"You have to go hunt for some place that's open just so you can find some water. The transportation is horrible and communication is absolutely horrible. No TV. A lot of people don't have homes any more and they are living on the street." said Konz.

Irma pushed into the island as a Category 5 hurricane September 5th and continued west by the 7th.

Since then there have been numerous false starts for the husband and wife to leave the island.

"I had my sister from Des Moines rebook for Friday but they canceled that for Friday because the airport is destroyed. The Marriott hotel actually chartered a boat and we were told that we could get on it and when we got there the Marriott hotel turned us away because we weren't guests." said Konz.

A Norwegian cruise line will be stopping at St. Thomas on Tuesday.

They are hoping that it will take them from the island that went from a celebratory destination to a disaster area.

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