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HEALTHBEAT 4: Birth Doulas


"It gave me a lot of confidence through my birth."

A birth doula offers mothers support throughout labor, as well as to provide special relaxation techniques. 

Birth doulas provide non-medical emotional, physical, and informational support to moms and their partners. 

To become a volunteer doula at UnityPoint Health-St. Lukes, there is a 2-day intensive training workshop. 

"They learn how to provide special comfort techniques through labor such as counter pressure, massage hip squeezes," said Amaris Garcia, Volunteer Doula Program Coordinator at UnityPoint Health-St. Lukes. "And a lot of other comfort techniques that will also help them emotionally through the process, and be informed of their choices and what is going on around them."

"I spoke with Rayven Rabbas, who had just became a mother 5 short weeks before, said reporter, Jennifer Lenzini. "She says her birth doula, gave her all the confidence she needed during her pregnancy."

"So with the Doula Program, I was able to have somebody in the room that was specifically there to comfort me, and encourage me," said new mom, Rayven Rabbass.

Rabbass' birth doula, Nina, says the program is beneficial for everyone- even if you already have relatives, or a spouse in the delivery room.

"Relatives may not always be as educated as a birth doula, this is our area of specialization" said Nina Emmick, Volunteer Birth Doula. "So, we do know a little bit more about maybe what's going on with your body and we can be there to reassure you."

Birth Doulas are equiped with everything a mom may need on delivery day- from blankets, to tennis balls for comfort, to smoothing scents.

"So just in case we forgot anything, or forgot our panhlet, they're there and know all the techniques to get you through it," adds Rabbass.

Every woman should feel supported during childbirth and never have to birth alone.

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