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Local businesses struggle during road construction


Summer is the peak time of year for construction in Siouxland.

One of the biggest projects this year in Sioux City is on West 7th Street.

It will bring upgrades to the street and landscaping, but it has also caused some problems.

Construction on West 7th Street started on May 1st and has resulted in a mess of traffic detours as well as business access to become limited.

One business that has been heavily impacted is Fashion Floors.

"I have had to personally spend triple in advertising budget just to get the same number of people to come in our back door. We had to put in a new entrance even for our customers to find us. They've had to travel through the alleys to get to our back door." said Rachael Chapple, Fashion Floors owner.

Customers for businesses in the area have had headaches of their own.

"They complain that the signage is very hard to find us. That the road closed signs and the direction arrows are very confusing and that it just becomes a giant hassle for them to find businesses off of the alleys." said Chapple.

The city is sympathetic to businesses and has tried to ease the problems that have been created.

"We definitely understand, especially at this point in the project, it gets frustrating and people are ready for the project to be over and to have access back. We definitely understand that so access is very important as we work through projects like this and we've done our best to communicate with the business and property owners in the area." said Jill Wanderscheid, Neighborhood Services Manager.

Some major relief will be coming soon.

"People can go north and south on Bluff Street through West 7th by the end of this week and then by the end of next week we anticipate having traffic on the main line, the first two blocks of West 7th Street to local traffic. So the access will improve by the end of next week." said Wanderscheid.

The business owners are excited to see the end result.

"We're trying to get through the construction phase because we know at the end it's going to be a really nice project. It's going to be beautiful. It's going to completely rejuvenate the neighborhood but it's getting to that end phase." said Chapple.

The city is hoping to have utilities and paving between Wesley Parkway and Main Street finished before winter.

The overall project should be completed next summer.

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