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CENTSABLE HEALTH: The versatility of mushrooms


Fareway Food Dietitian Caitlyn Ferin knows the nutritional benefits of mushrooms, and has some ways to sneak them into your favorite meals. "The mushroom is the only vegetable that has vitamin D in it," said Ferin. "So that's something that we usually associate with the sun and getting it that way, but mushrooms you can actually get vitamin D by eating them."

Mushrooms also have a taste that we typically associate with hearty beef, or chicken stock. "But because it does have that beef-like flavor I'm going to add it to some ground beef to make what we call the blend," Ferin said. "This is a great way to make your favorite ground beef recipe but to add in some different vitamins and antioxidants from the mushrooms, reduce calories, reduce cholesterol but still have that same great taste that you love."

Ay home, you can use any mushrooms when making the blend. "I've got a white button mushroom," Ferin said. "I've got my handy-dandy chopper right here. And you're just going to chop those mushrooms up until they get into a fine dice like this. I'm going to do a 30% mushroom blend with my ground beef. You're just going to mix that together and this is great for taco meat, burgers, meatloaf, anything you make with ground beef you can use the blend with. You're just going to make your patties as you would."

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