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"WHAT'S COOKIN?": Dump Cake Cobbler


Dump Cake Cobbler:

2 Tb veg oil 
2 cake mixes, white and/or yellow
2 cans pie filling (21 oz)      
3 snack sized applesauce (4 oz) 
1 stick of butter (1/2 cup)        
¼ Cup brown sugar
Cinnamon to taste (1/2 tsp or so)


1.    Spread oil on oven bottom and sides. Dust with a little of cake mix.
2.    Layer evenly into 12 inch Dutch oven
a.    both cans of pie filling 
b.    one box of cake mix
c.    applesauce (all)
d.     ½ of 2nd cake mix
e.    brown sugar
f.    Cut butter into 8 pats and dot over brown sugar layer
g.    Sprinkle on cinnamon 
3.    Bake at 350° (7 well-lit briquettes round bottom edge & 17 around the top edge) for 30-40 minutes; check at 25 minutes 

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