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Morningside Elementary students host farmer's market


Local students got the chance to host their very own farmer's market.

Third graders at Morningside Elementary used play money to make purchases at the Farmer's Market put on by local vendors who take part in Sioux City Farmer's Market. 

This gave students the chance to learn about locally grown produce and speak with local farmers.

"It teaches them how much work goes into growing the produce that they then are purchasing from the vendors today. It also teaches them healthy choices in eating," said Dawn Stansbury, first grade teacher at Morningside Elementary.

Along with learning about produce and speaking with the farmers, the market also taught students about business and making choices. 

"Peppers and popcorn, honey. And at the end you get free stuff like juice boxes," said Morningside Elementary First Grader Khloe.

Students also got the chance to choose and enjoy a healthy snack in the process.

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