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Following President Trump's meeting with Democrats it's still unclear whether there's an immigration deal on the table

(NBC News) -

North Korea test fired another ballistic missile Thursday, completely ignoring warnings from the international community. 

Friday morning the Trump Administration is dealing with that plus fallout from the president's meeting with Democrats.
South Korea is conducting military exercises this morning in response to North Korea's latest missile test.

The official U.S. response, from Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson, urging Russia and China to take action.

The U.N. Security Council meets this afternoon. Their sanctions so far, not working. 

Meantime the White House and Democrats are still trying to clear the air over whether the president agreed to put his border wall on hold while Congress deals with DACA - protections for young immigrants brought here illegally. "The wall will be funded, otherwise not doing anything," declared President Donald Trump.

Lawmakers themselves aren't exactly sure what happened. Their reactions range the gamut from frustrated to hopeful.

"We all agreed on a framework. Pass DACA protections and additional security measures - excluding the wall," said Senate Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer.

The "deal, no deal" left lawmakers confused. "There is no agreement," said Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan.

"We had an agreement to move forward," said Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

"I'd tell the president to slow down, make sure that we get a good border security plan," Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina.

"We've got time to deal with DACA - the most important issue on our plate right now is tax reform," Sen. John Neely Kennedy, (R) Louisiana.

"I think it's good they're talking." Sen. Rob Portman, (R) Ohio.

And some lawmakers are just looking for solutions. "If you don't call it a wall then I assume there's some space for a deal there," said Jeff Flake, (R) Arizona.

A deal still in the making.

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