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Great Akron Scarecrow Festival kicks off Harvest Season

AKRON, Iowa (KTIV) -

To celebrate the commencement of the harvest season, Akron, Iowa is bringing in the fall with all things scary.

One of the Siouxland favorites is the Great Akron Scarecrow Festival and Contest. Close to 50 scarecrows were entered into the festival. Everything from witches and ghosts, to scary princesses. Humpty Dumpty even managed to get himself together to participate.  But no matter, whether it is scary, creepy or funny, this 17TH annual event is hanging around.

"This is a great way for our community to raise money for events, everything from raising money to the swimming pool o children theater and lots of great activities we sponsor for the kids at the school. I just love to see the creativity that people bring from unique materials to themes from movies and just how they can come up with new ideas every year to build scarecrows," said Leanne Philips, Friends & Services Club. 

KTIV's Matt Breen was one of the judges. There were numerous categories for those Halloween scary creepers. 

After the competition portion, the scarecrows are auctioned off. 

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