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CENTSABLE HEALTH: "Walking tacos" using shredded pork slow-cooked in your crock pot


Tailgating season is here, and Fareway Dietitian Caitlyn Ferin has an easy, delicious recipe that's sure to make your friends happy.

"Shredded pork is awesome for walking tacos or just a nice taco meal, whatever you want to do," Ferin said. "It's great for tailgating, but it's super simple so you can easily make it during the week with plenty of time."

The recipe starts with pork shoulder. "This is a good example I learned from our meat experts," Ferin said. "Always tell them what you're making. I was going to go with the pork loin roast and the pork shoulder shreds so much better. So I always tell them what I'm making and then they can kind of give me the hints from there."

Once you have your pork shoulder in the crock pot, add some taco seasoning. "If you really wanted you could stop right there, these two things in themselves make an awesome dish. But we're going to keep going, we're going to add a few more things like salsa to get that extra spice, chopped up peppers and onions that are in the salsa. We're going to add a little broth, little liquid to work with in there. And then I'm just going to add some bell peppers whatever color you have."

Cook the pork shoulder for about eight hours on "low." But, if you don't want to wait, cook it on "high" for four hours. "These are great for those noon time games where you want something before you go into the game and then you come out of the game and still want another walking taco," Ferin said.

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