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Concertgoer reunited with man who saved his life

(NBC News) -

In nearly every tragedy, there are stories of hope and heroism and that is certainly true for Tom McIntosh and James Lawson.

The two who didn't knew each other until Sunday night's concert shooting in Las Vegas, shared an emotional reunion this morning on NBC's Today Show. 

Their story played out when tom was shot in the leg helping his wife and another woman over a wall at the concert site.

He was bleeding out, when he came upon Army Reservist James Lawson.

Seeing the extent of Tom's injury James adjusted a tourniquet on Tom's leg and accompanied him to a hospital.

Tom says if it wasn't for James, he would have likely bled to death.

Tom McIntosh, was shot in the leg said, "You say you were bleeding out. You feel like you wouldn't have made it.... I wouldn't have. If someone had not have stepped in? By the time I got over the wall my pants were soaked and my shoes were full of blood. So.... no I wouldn't have made it so. I'm very thankful that James was there to help me."

James Lawson, helped save Tom said, "I mean we were getting away and we came across him in the bed of a pickup truck. There was a belt, a make shift tourniquet around his knee. Completely the wrong spot. I just walked up there. He was actively bleeding so I adjusted the belt. Got it up where it should be and tighten it down. We stopped the bleeding then we hung out there for 10 or 15 minutes and then some savior in a pick up truck came and.... Do we need a ride? And I said yes. And we threw them all into the bed of the truck and we took off to the hospital."  

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