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Local events board supports city staff for Tyson Events Center and Orpheum Theatre management



All voting members of the Events Facilities Advisory Board raised their hands in favor of keeping city management at the Tyson Events Center and the Orpheum Theatre. 

"We feel like public management is a good choice," said Sioux City Events and Facilities Executive Director Erika Newton.

After the Orpheum Theatre board of directors voted to outsource management to Spectra -- a company from Pennsylvania -- EFAB voted to keep operations in Siouxland hands. 

"I don't think we've given enough opportunity to the city staff to look at what kinds of things need to be done," said EFAB Vice President Dave Madsen. 

City Manager Bob Padmore will take recommendations from both parties and present a proposal to city council on Monday, Oct. 9th. 

Then, the decision is left to the five elected representatives. 

"We're really taking a hard look at those definitions and what do we want to make better," said Mayor Pro-Temp Dan Moore. 

City officials say ticket revenues from concerts and other events around the city have regressed in the last few years and agree some changes need to be made. 

"We have to figure out a new way of doing business that brings in more revenue and more shows," said Newton. 

The public management department and Spectra presented their cases to the city -- why they should be the ones to take over...

"What was reported back to me was that they had a better overall package and that they've been in many communities where they've had a good track record," said Moore. "They had just a little bit more to offer and that's why we're taking a hard look at Spectra. 

Or stick around...

"We are moving a little bit too fast toward, 'Let's hire somebody from the outside who doesn't really know much about our community," said Madsen. 

"You really have to be aware of what the preferences are and what sells here and what doesn't," said Newton. "That's something that we know as a staff because we've been doing it for so long, but someone coming in from the outside, I think it would take a while for them to learn what works in Sioux City and what doesn't." 

Whichever route city council decides to go, the decision may not come next week. 

Mayor Pro-Temp Dan Moore suggests discussion over multiple council meetings to avoid rushing a final decision.

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