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Morningside College students give back to community


Students at Morningside College took to the streets of Sioux City to give back in a big way. 

Today, over 800 students from the college were spread out across city at nearly 90 different locations. 

The goal? To give back to the community in any way possible. 

Students did everything from yard work and cleaning windows, to even making decorations for local organizations. 

It's a day that means a lot to students who participate. 

"I'd say one of the biggest takeaways is just seeing the impact that you have on other people whether your doing something small or big but, just to see how no matter what you're doing it really affects people," says Morningside Senior Rachel Potter. 

Students aren't the only ones getting something from the 11th annual event. 

The work they do leaves a lasting impact on the businesses they help. 

"It makes a huge impact because if you have six or eight students that come for just a couple hours, you know, add that all up and how man hours, man hours, that you're actually dedicating to that specific project and things get done pretty quickly," says Friendship House Manager Kathy Roberts. 

Students got the day off of classes to impact the community. 

They began their work in the community at 8:30 Wednesday morning. 

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