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Sioux City Police sit down with community members for 'Coffee with a Cop'


A group of Siouxland Police officers spent Wednesday morning doing something a little different than their routine patrols.  

Officers were spread out to McDonald's locations across Sioux City Wednesday morning. 

There they were able to have coffee and conversation with members of the public. 

The conversations between police and the community ranged in topics. 

"Mostly within the news about the Las Vegas thing, about how it's effecting with us. And then coming down to just community stuff, the area's concerns that they see in the city and how it's changed since they've grown up and then kind of how they feel about the new promotion of the Chief and that kind of stuff. Just seeing our daily life," says Sioux City K-9 Officer Paul Yaneff. 

For police it's something they love because it gives them an opportunity to connect one on one with people they otherwise might not be able to. 

For the public, it's something that gives them a little insight about the men and women who keep them safe. 

"It's pretty nice. It's getting out  to meet different people and just, you know, being one of the regular community members and honestly just saying 'hey, this is a uniform but, we're still individuals just like you guys' and, you know, we're approachable anytime to take your concerns, you know, or just to talk about normal stuff," says Yaneff. 

Coffee with a Cop lasted from 7 until 9 Wednesday morning. 

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