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Ridge View's Miller named SportsFource Champion

Ridge View's Ezra Miller was Iowa's first recruit from the Class of 2019. Ridge View's Ezra Miller was Iowa's first recruit from the Class of 2019.

At 6'7" tall and 310 pounds, Ridge View's Ezra Miller is one of the biggest linemen in Iowa. nd he's got the skills to back up the size.

"He's aggressive," said Ridge View head coach Dale Tokheim. "And when he latches on to somebody, he does like to drive them back, 10, 15, 20 yards."

"I don't typically let people go," said Miller. "I don't let them get out of my sight."

That means less defenders coming for the Raptor running backs, who are averaging 5.2 yards a carry.

"He always just makes a big hole and makes it easy to run through, run behind him," said senior running back Jake Mitchell. "He always goes 110 percent."

"He is a guy who we look to in times where we need to pick up a couple of yards," said Tokheim.

That caught Kirk Ferentz's attention. And last April, as a sophomore, Miller became Iowa's first Class of 2019 commit.

"I love the Iowa program," said Miller. "It's just a special thing, different from everywhere else I've been. They fit my personality well compared to some of the other schools that have had interest in me. Talking to the coaches I knew they could just up my game in just about every single way, just because of the experience, the people they are, the kind of work they put in for it."

And Miller has time to get ready, with his senior season still to go. But Ridge View is in a playoff race this year, with a 3-1 record in Class A's District 2.

"He's a big leader, even as a junior, and we can go as far as he puts us," said Mitchell.

"Just always hungry," said Miller. "I'm always hungry for those wins, always want to go as far as we possibly can and we always want to be the best we can be."

Ridge View has a chance to shake up the standings Friday when they travel to unbeaten Bishop Garrigan of Algona.

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