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Teen arrested following text threat against Estherville Lincoln Central schools


A 15-year-old boy faces terrorism charges after Estherville, Iowa, police say he sent a message that threatened violence at the Estherville-Lincoln Central schools sometime in the next two weeks.

Investigators say the text message, which was sent to another student on Tuesday night, was done in "code" using a computer program that made the message appear to come from a false phone number.

The threat initially forced school officials put extra security in place on Thursday. That included extra officers at all buildings, metal detectors, and bag searches at the high school building.

The suspect, who hasn't been identified, faces a charge of making threats of terrorism, which is a felony.

Investigators don't believe that the messages received by the Estherville Lincoln Central student are in any way connected to similar events around the state and country.

It was determined that this text message was sent between friends as a joke, and that there was no viable threat to staff or students.

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