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Busy tropical season has impacts on Siouxland

(KTIV) -

It's already been a busy season in the Atlantic and we're looking at the possibility of another storm impacting the US.

Tropical Storm Nate formed on Thursday and it could be hitting the Gulf Coast by this weekend.

That's on top of the busy season we've already had.

Fourteen tropical storms; that includes one that formed two months before the official season even begins.

Eight hurricanes and also five major hurricanes; that includes Hurricane Harvey and Irma which both made landfall on the US Gulf Coast as category four hurricanes.

So why does that matter to us?

We may have personal interests that are impacted.

Might have a vacation planned or friends and family in the area that will be impacted by the storms coming through.

But even if you're not leaving the area it will have an impact on you.

Gas prices went up thirty cents in the two weeks after Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

That's because those oil refineries and platforms that were closed as the storm made its way through.

It's not just gas that is impacted.

We also saw prices of cotton and oranges go up.

That's because of the storm going through and that impacted the prices of clothing and orange juice.

Also lumber saw the price go up.

That means if you have a home improvement project it's going to cost you more due to there being less lumber from having to rebuild from these storms.

So another tropical storm that may be impacting the US this weekend.

We'll have to keep an eye on Nate not just for impacts to the Gulf Coast but also here in Siouxland.

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