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Officials remind motorists to drive carefully around farm equipment


With fall harvest in full swing, there are more farmers, and farm equipment, on the roadways and that could lead to more accidents

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, 17 people have died over the last three years in vehicle crashes that involved farm equipment

During that same time, the department says 38 people suffered major injuries as a result of crashes involving farm equipment. Officials say most of these accidents happen on dry road conditions. Each year, damage from these accidents averages $19 million, statewide. 

"Some of these combines with duals are almost 18 feet wide, our pavements for the most part are only 22 feet wide, so when they are off on the shoulder, we have maybe 6 to 8 feet of clearance going around them," said Mark Nahra, Woodbury County Engineer. 

If you see a farm vehicle on the road, keep some distance between your vehicle, and the equipment. Slow down, and be patient, as farmers can't always move over and let you pass.

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