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Dakota City, NE working on next street pavement project


Gravel roads are a common sight throughout Dakota City, Nebraska.

But over the last year, the city has worked to change that. 

"Pavement, concrete has a 50 year more lifespan," said Alyssa Silhacek, city administrator for Dakota City. "So, when you invest in a project like this, you're investing long term. It's going to be a long term benefit to the folks in those areas. Gravel can be very challenging to maintain." 

City council looked at setting the final bond for the project that was completed in August.

It included several blocks, including parts of South 20th, South 21st and South 15th Streets.

It's estimated that the work will cost homeowners on those streets an estimated $100 a year in property tax for each $100,000 of the assessed valuation.

Now, the city is looking at a new street pavement project.

"The proposal that's before the council right now is to do Cedar Street, Olive Street, from 12th Street down to the river," said Andy Backman, a city council member for Dakota City. 

Thursday, city council voted on an agreement with the JEO Consulting Group for the design. 

The group will also give them a design to possibly add North 6th Street from Cedar Street to Corporate Limits.

One resident raised concern about having to pay double because they have a corner lot. 

"We don't want that for starters," said James Varvais, a city council member for Dakota City. "We don't want any citizen to have to pay for two sides. and the biggest part of doing the design is just so we can get a cost estimate."

Once, they have that, city council will decide how they want to move forward with the future of Dakota City's streets.

With addition of the extra street, the new project involves paving 13 blocks. 

It would also bring the total cost to about $2.1-million. 

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