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Is Norfolk, Nebraska's Verges Cave haunted?


October is a time when not only your imagination runs wild, but so do tales of things that go "bump" in the night.

In Norfolk, Nebraska, residents swear a little corner of the town is haunted. "I think every person in town has a different story about what they have heard about Verges Park," said Ryan Leichenhauer, Elkhorn Valley Museum. "That's what makes it fun and adds to the mystery."

From unexplained sounds, to drawings on the wall with no author, there are questions that need to be answered. 

In the early 1990s the cave was created when Dr. Carl J. Verges took over the land. But, before that it was a clay pit where kids use to go and play. "At that time they sort of had stories of goblins and trolls living in this part of the park," Leichenhauer said. "I think that ended up transitioning over to the stories that belong to the cave."

Leichenhauer says they have tried to look into the origins of the cave to find out where the folklore stories coming from.  What's mysterious is what exactly Dr. Verges was 
doing in the cave. "Dr. Verges' fraternal organization met here and they had a lot of secret activities and special ceremonies," said Leichenhauer.

The cave, according to Leichenhauer was used as a gathering spot for Dr. Verges. Could it be a mad scientist doing experimental surgeries, or just an innocent gathering? "It was probably mostly fun then that turned into stories, but I don't know about hauntings itself," said Leichenhauer.

The land that is now Verges Park was actually brought by Dr. Verges for his patients. He believed in holistic healing and that his patients from the sanitarium would benefit from the park. While plants have found their way into the cave over the years, people can't because the museum keeps it locked. 

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