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New exhibit honors Sioux City Fire Rescue photographer


Siouxlanders will now be able to get a look at the lives of  firefighters. 

The Sioux City Public Museum has a new display of photos taken at the scene of fires across Sioux City in honor of Fire Prevention Week. 

Sioux City Fire Rescue photographer George Linblade's images of crews is spread throughout the new exhibit. 

Lindblade says the images of the firefighters tell a story of their own. 

"Every one of them has a story. And, one thing I would hope for people that cover fires and go to fires notice is, I don't make an emphasis on the fire itself. I look at the people that are putting the fire out because that's where the story is. It's a story on their face, you can tell it in their dedication and what it means to them" says George Lindblade

Lindblade has been taking photographs for Sioux City Fire Rescue for more than 60 years. 

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