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Siouxland town holds World's Biggest Barn Quilt


A Siouxland town celebrated what they say, is the World's Biggest Barn Quilt.

Ponca, Nebraska is working to make that title official with their 24-foot tall barn quilt.

It took 6 months to create, and was painted with shades of green, yellow, and brown. 

"The colors, I think are meaningful because they're indicative of this area, with Ponca State Park, and the community, and it's a place where people and nature meet, so it has some good nature colors in it," said Iris Dutton, chairman of the Ponca Quilt Byway Committee.

The woman behind the vision of the quilt, and making it the world's largest, is proud of the end result. 

She said this quilt means a lot to the community of Ponca. 

"And the heart of our town, and the amazing folk art we have," said Barbara Cox. "Because this is really folk art. It's the heart and the stories of the people of Ponca put on wooden boards." 

The Ponca barn quilt would be the first of it's kind in the Guinness World Record Book, because the title has yet to be created.

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