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Tiny bugs leave behind painful bites this fall


Tiny bugs have been bugging people all around Omaha, Nebraska.

Some say the small insects have been all over and they're leaving painful bites behind.

Rafael Corrares, a student said, "You think they're mosquito bites, but they're not." 

Instead, Rafael Corrares says he was bitten by one of these small bugs properly called a minute pirate bug.

"I guess I was walking to class, came back and I had them the next day, so it's just annoying," Corrares said.   

Experts say he's not the only one dealing with the marks left behind.

Jonathan Larson, the University of Nebraska Extension Entomologist said,"It hurts. It can cause an itchy red welt, and that's what most people are complaining about." 

Johnathan Larson is an Extension Entomologist for the University of Nebraska.

Just a quick scan of plants outside and he was able to pick up a couple of the pests on this lint roller.

In the summer, they normally stay in places most people don't normally go.

"In the fall, they start to switch over to flying around and looking for new places to live, and they can land on our skin and bite us," Larson said. 

They're popping up in trees, parks and trails, even soccer fields.

Larson said insect repellent might not be the best tool to use against these bugs. Instead, he says you would be better off wearing long sleeves. 

Troy Lewellen, said, "They said just wear long-sleeve shirts and just be mindful of it."  

Troy Lewellen has been getting similar advice from his friends.

He has been lucky enough not to get bitten yet.

As the weather cools down toward the end of the year, he just doesn't want to worry about it much longer.

"I'm hoping so, I heard today out in western Nebraska they were having their first frost, so hopefully it's just temporary," Lewellen said.   

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