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President Trump signs executive order making changes to some health care law mandates


Frustrated by Congress in his attempts to roll back Obamacare, President Trump signed an executive order aimed at making changes to some of the law's mandates.

Mr. Trump said at a signing ceremony that the changes will increase choices in buying health insurance allow associations to band together to buy policies across state lines and lower prices by allowing short-term health policies with fewer covered benefits.

But democratic critics have blasted the proposed changes, saying they'll weaken protections for pre-existing conditions and throw the insurance exchanges into turmoil.

President Trump said, "It directs the Department of Health and Human Services, the Treasury, and the Department of Labor to take action to increase competition, increase choice, and increase access to lower-priced, high-quality healthcare options. And they will have so many options. This will cost the United States government virtually nothing, and people will have great, great healthcare.  And when I say people, I mean by the millions and millions."

The executive order directs agencies to review and write rules for the changes he proposes.

But it could be challenged in court by opponents who question if Mr. Trump has the legal authority to make the changes.

The president also commented on the release of an American woman and her family from Taliban captivity claiming its a demonstration of American strength.

President Trump said, "Yesterday the United States government, working with the government of Pakistan, secured the release of Caitlan Coleman, Joshua Boyle, and their three children from captivity from the Haqqani network, a terrorist organization with ties to the Taliban. I want to thank the Pakistani government, I want to thank Pakistan.  They worked very hard on this.  And I believe they're starting to respect the United States again. It's very important. I think a lot of, right now a lot of countries are starting to respect the United States of America once again."

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