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Paving a safer way to the playground


A local home improvement store will help some children in need, Friday morning.

Team members from Sioux City's Lowe's are pouring concrete for a new sidewalk at the Florence English Head Start Center. 

The kids had to walk across the school parking lot to get to the playground during recess.

Lowe's employees have been at the school removing sod and creating a path for the new sidewalk.

It will allow the kids to get from the door, to the playground, safely. 

"Right now, the children have to walk through the parking lot and we all know it's a safety hazard," said Early Childhood Assistant Director Christie Beatty. "We don't get a lot of traffic during the middle of the day, so we don't typically worry about that when we're going to the playground, but it's just going to be a huge safety relief for all of the staff to be able to safely get our kids around to the playground and not have to worry about having any incidents." 

The project is being done as part of the "Lowe's Heroes" program. 

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