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CENTSABLE HEALTH: Spooky Halloween Treats


Fareway Dietitian, Caitlyn Ferin, has some fun treats you can make with your children to celebrate Halloween.

The first one I have here is a "boo-nana." It's very simple. I took my banana and you can roll it in some shredded coconut you can, but just give him some little chocolate chip eyes and it's a fun treat to your ordinary banana.

Next, I have my "Wicked Witch Fingers," this is just a fun spin on my PB&J. I cut it into slices and then I added a wicked witch finger nails, which is a slivered almond -- so very simple but a very fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Then I have my little spider-guy here. You can get really creative with your fruit. You could do a plum body, I have a pear, my legs that are grapes, you could use raisins. Let you kids decide which fruits would work well to make their spider and get them into making that.

If you're doing the class parties or you need a healthy idea to hand out, you can do these fruits cups. I just took a sharpie and drew a jack-o-lantern face on there. You could do the same thing with clementines or oranges and that's a really nice healthy alternative there.

These are my little Frankenstein cups. I just made a pistachio pudding, you cold also do vanilla with a couple drops of food coloring. I also put it in a plastic cup that I drew a little Frankenstein face on and then I gave him some hair -- so I gave him some crushed Oreo hair to go on top there. 

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