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Patch Adams has "prescription" to improve Siouxland education


A doctor that uses a unique method to treat his patients teamed up with the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation teamed up on Thursday night, to benefit students.

Doctor Patch Adams' story was made into a movie starring Robin Williams.

He is a medical doctor, comedian, and clown. 

He has devoted the last 30 years to incorporating laughter, joy and creativity into the traditional healing process.

The event Thursday night, was called "Pathway to the Future".

The fundraising event will support the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation with a focus on the Sioux City Community School District's Career Academies.

Doctor Patch Adams is passionate about the school system.

"I'm here to say that education is the most important part of the human community," said Dr. Patch Adams, speaker. 

He admires teachers, and thinks they are a crucial part in the community. 

If Patch were a teacher, he said one of the first things he would do- is eliminate a piece of technology we use every day.

"I would make them leave their smart phones at home, because they are actually dumb phones," said Dr. Adams. "Smart phones have made young people, ignorant."

Patch says the root of who is he is today, and why he does what he does, is all thanks to his mom.

"My mother was a school teacher, and everything I like about me, came from her," said Dr. Adams. "I never saw her angry or unkind."

Thus, the reason why he thinks that the world, and schools in particular, should be run with that kind of mentality.

"I was hospitalized three times in one year, wanting to kill myself because I didn't want to live in a world of violence and injustice."

"Dr. Adams spoke with Sioux City Community School students earlier before the Path of the Future Event, and one thing he did say- was to never take life too seriously," said reporter, Jennifer Lenzini.

"My goal? A world where no one alive knows what the word, 'war' means," said Dr. Adams. "They'd have to look it up in the dictionary, because they wouldn't believe  any adult would be dumb enough to hurt another person."

The Sioux City Public Schools Foundation works closely with the Sioux City Community School District to identify areas of need because of limitations of state-based funding. 

These areas include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, or STEM... the arts and culture... and equity, or closing the education gap. 

The Foundation also provides funding for instructors. 

"We always say that we want our students to graduate with a diploma," says Dr. Paul Gausman, Sioux City Public School Superintendent. "But we also want them to graduate with a plan for the future. So we're really focusing in on those career pathways that students can go through."

Gausman says the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation recognizes that the community makes a great investment in the district with tax dollars.

But, he adds that to do some innovative things, donations to the foundation help the district go further than the tax dollars will allow.

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