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Sheriff releases names of people involved in helicopter crash in rural Inwood, IA


The Lyon County Sheriff released the names of the two people involved in the helicopter accident on Monday. 

The sheriff said Pilot Robert Krier with Ride the Sky Helicopters and passenger Steve Ahrendt, the owner of the cattle, were in the helicopter when it clipped a power line on Monday looking for loose cattle. 

The sheriff said the Federal Aviation Administration completed its on-site investigation.

Investigators with the National Transporation of Safety Board said the helicopter was recovered on Wednesday and transported to a secure location for the investigation to continue. 

The investigators said they will be looking to see if the helicopter had any mechanical malfunctions in regards to the accident. 

They will also be conducting interviews with the passenger, pilot and ten witnesses. 

Officials said Krier and Ahrendt are still in the hospital. 

Officials said the investigation could take up to six months to determine the probable cause.

The Lyon County Sheriff said officials with the Federal Aviation Administration arrived on site at 10 a.m. Tuesday to investigate a helicopter crash that happened on Monday. 

The FAA website shows the helicopter is registered to Ride the Sky Helicopters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

The sheriff said the helicopter clipped a power line and the pilot lost control and crashed in the middle of a field near Inwood, Iowa. 

Two people were injured in the crash and the sheriff said they are expected to survive their injuries. 

The two men had been hired to search for 300 head of cattle with an aerial helicopter. 

Tuesday, neighbors, and friends are helping the family recapture the loose cattle near the scene of the crash. 

Cody Ahrendt, the farm owner's son, tells us that they couldn't have gathered the cattle without the gracious help of friends and neighbors donating to help 
herd the cattle.

"To be able to come out here and help us, bear the cold, stay up all night with us, and wash these cattle, get them in a little at a time, and keep them here. We are just truly blessed to have the neighbors that we do," said Ahrendt.

Officials estimate that there are roughly 30 cattle still at large, and advise to not approach the cattle as they can get scared and be aggressive.

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"We've closed off the entire section," said Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep. 

Lyon County Sheriff's Deputies shine lights through the dark hours, searching for information that led to a helicopter crash on Monday afternoon. 

"I have officers at the scene at the current time and throughout the night there will be officers around," said Stoep.

Lyon County hired the two men for an aerial helicopter search when nearly 300 cattle head were reported on the loose near the cornfields of Inwood, Iowa. 

In the midst of the search, Lyon County officials say the helicopter clipped a power line, the pilots lost control and crashed, suffering serious injuries. 

"The deputies worked through there this afternoon, looking for where the different parts of the helicopter landed and have marked that," said Stoep. 

County officials notified the Federal Aviation Administration of the crash, and the agency is tasked to investigate the incident for further cause. 

"Once they have arrived, we will just be assisting them," said Stoep. "Our part is pretty much done already, as of right now, once everything was marked at the scene." 

Sheriff Stoep says the agency is scheduled to arrive in Lyon County, Tuesday morning. 

City Utility Manager of Rock Rapids, Iowa, Jim Hoye told KTIV the power line the helicopter struck feeds power to the city of Rock Rapids.

Hoye said they suffered power outages for about 10 to 15 minutes before power was fully restored. 

One man involved in the crash was sent to Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD and the other man was transported to Sanford USD Medical Center, also in Sioux Falls, SD. 


Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep said that the helicopter went down shortly after 1:20 Monday afternoon between West Lyon School and Lake Pahoja.

The two people on board the chopper were taken to hospitals in Sioux Falls.

The sheriff says they had serious injuries.

The helicopter clipped an overhead power line while doing an aerial search for 300 head of cattle that got out early this morning.

The sheriff says the FAA has been alerted, and are on their way to the scene.

We have a crew en route and will bring you the latest on air, and online at


The Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep said two people injured in a helicopter crash in western Lyon County Monday afternoon were searching for loose cattle. 

The Sheriff said when the helicopter hit the line, there was a power outage.

Rock Rapids Utility Manager Jim Hoye said it was an L & O Power Coop line that feeds Rock Rapids.

He said Rock Rapids has two feeds from L & O, and he says it’s possible that L & O switched feeds to get the power back on in Rock Rapids.

KTIV will continue to update this story. 

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