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Painted porcelain fundraiser raises money for Dakota City library improvements


A leaky roof is no laughing matter, least of all when you have books you have to protect.

A leak in the roof of the Dakota City Library was discovered in the last few weeks. The problem was quickly fixed, but the situation was eye-opening. "That issue prompted a need for further planning for the future and looking at providing services to the library maybe more strategically than we were previously," said Alyssa Silhacek, Dakota City City Administrator.

City leaders will now focus on building maintenance, and new equipment.

Fundraising efforts have kicked off. One effort involves some painted porcelain. A decorated toilet has been placed into the yards of residents. The toilet is removed if the resident pays $10. For an additional $10 the person can suggest the next site for the toilet. A person can avoid getting the toilet by paying $30 for "insurance". "So far I think they've been pretty amused by it," said Silhacek. "Everybody's been very good about participating. We had one individual who I think was the second person to get the toilet. He paid twenty dollars just to have it moved and sent to somebody else. He said, 'you know, if it ends up in my yard again that's fine. I have lots of friends',"

The head librarian, and her husband, have been moving the toilet from house to house.

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