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Cottonwood Playground open for use at Adams Homestead & Nature Preserve


North Sioux City Parks and Recreation Department with help from the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce helped unveil a new interactive playground at Adams Homestead & Nature Preserve. 

The playground is called Cottonwood Playground, as the entire playground represents a Cottonwood Tree that features a number of unique items such as: logs you can climb through, honeycomb to climb up, two sets of swings, and even a giant snake that is used as step-up on the playground.

North Sioux City city officials say that they hope the playground encourages kids to get outside and explore the outdoors.

"Adams is really an extension on North Sioux City and we look at it as that, and this playground being here will give the children of the community to have another place to go and be active and get out into the wonderful outdoors," said Ted Cherry, City Administrator of North Sioux City.

The  2,300 square foot Cottonwood Playground cost roughly $260,000 for the entire project, which took over two years from start to finish.

The project could not have been completed without two grants that totaled $125,000, The North Sioux City Parks and Recreation Department

Donated $25,000, personal and business donations covered a majority of the rest, and Brad & Gene Mollet also were a big help as they did the 

groundwork of the playground for a bid of *one* single dollar. 

Jody Moats the Park Director at Adams Homestead & Nature Preserve tells us she is proud of her community for coming together

"I'm just so proud of our community. I know I've been very luck to live here in North Sioux City, and to be apart of the Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve. It means so much. I knew this was a gracious community, and they showed that," said Moats

Moats also went on to say there have been kids and adults at the playground everyday since completion and look forward to many more visiting.

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