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Christ Lutheran School hosts Veterans Day program


The students at Christ Lutheran School in Norfolk understand the importance of thanking veterans.

Principal Steven Stortz says the students' understanding is why they have hosted their annual Veterans Day program for over a decade.

“They think consciously about the different freedoms that we have as a society,” Stortz said. “So often we take these things for granted and it really makes them think of what has been earned for them.”

The program featured the pledge of allegiance, national anthem, and performances from the junior high band. Writers from each grade shared essays on patriotic topics. But the final presentation stole the show.

Students dressed in authentic military garb from each branch walked down the aisle as the student body sang that branch’s song. Veterans of that branch stood.

“When they have the opportunity to really put forth an effort with the singing, they sing form their hearts,” Stortz said. “And the essays they write, those are from the heart as well.”

Stortz says the students embrace the Veterans Day material. The veterans’, themselves, enjoy it too.

“They appreciate the fact that we are taking time to honor them,” Stortz said. “They see that it’s important to us as a school, that it’s important to the teachers and to the students as well.”

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