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USS Sioux City Crew members honor fallen veterans


Members of the ship's crew arrived in Sioux City, last night, for three days of activities to commemorate Veterans Day.

Thursday, crew members went to Graceland Cemetery this morning.

The crew paid their respects to fallen members of the military.

They also lined Lakeport Road with American flags. 

Crew members say it's important to pay their respects because it honors the sacrifice of those who have served our nation. 

"It's kind of emotional any time you see the American flag. When you see a number of American flags like that. So, it's emotional. It brings chills on your body, every time I see that flag is raised. So, it's emotional because you know, for every flag it stands for that freedom, you know, what we stand for and people have died for, so it's very emotional," says CMDCM Timothy Hardin, USS Sioux City. 

Crews spent two hours raising those flags at Graceland Cemetery, this morning.

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