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Western Iowa Tech hosts members of the 185th Refueling Wing


Western Iowa Tech hosted members of the 185th Refueling Wing for a veterans day celebration.

At the beginning of the event, the Refueling Wing presented their color guard to those in attendance

"There are many college students, many faculty that are serving, myself included," says Kristin Barringer, a Staff Sargent with the 185th.

Western Iowa Tech Alumni Sargent Josh Knaack served as the keynote speaker. Knaack is a Probation Officer with the 3rd District Department of Correctional Services. He spoke about his military career, honoring our vets, and most of all honoring those who have past. 

"Say in my own destiny, a lot of people are not afforded that throughout the world," says Knaack. "They do not have nearly the opportunities that we have, and to know the lengths that men and women have gone through to preserve that freedom... just pure gratitude."

The college hopes that the event strengthened the relationship between students and veterans and that students who participated left with a better understanding of the sacrifices of those who have served. 

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