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Happy birthday, Marine Corps


A special night Friday night, for Siouxlanders young and old, who have put their lives on the line for the ultimate sacrifice. 

Friday night- across the nation, and across the world, Marines celebrated, and honored their own.

"November 10th is a chance for all Marines to get together, and celebrate the birth of our beloved Marine Corps," said Marine Corps Veteran, Sergeant Jeremy McClure.

Former and current Marines came together in downtown Sioux City Friday night to celebrate the 242nd Marine Corps Birthday.

"Whenever we meet, usually we can smell a Marine right off the bat as soon as we enter a room."

Siouxland Marines do it every year, for it's a chance for them to all get together.

"The Marine Corps experience, I think is a unique experience amongst the branches," adds McClure. "We pride ourselves on being the hardest and most disciplined. And so, it bonds us all together and there's this brotherhood that we share."

Every year, there is a cake ceremony.

The oldest Marine, passes a piece of cake to the youngest Marine to symbolize the passing of tradition and heritage.

Then, the last piece goes to the oldest Marine, to symbolize that Marines will always take care of each other.

This year, the oldest Marine, was 95 year-old Cpl. Fred Lettau.

"There's some Marines that have accomplished some amazing things, and it's great to remember those comrades that put themselves on the line, to defend freedom and go where the nation needs us to go and defend freedom," said McClure.

The youngest Marine, Lance Cpl, Alex Kurtz, said it was an honor to meet him. 

"It's just amazing to see all the faces, and experiences, and hear their stories," said Echo Company 2 BN 24th Reg., Lance Cpl. Alex Kurtz. "It's just incredible what they've done for our country."

The crew of the USS Sioux City was also in attendance Friday night, and gave Cpl. Lettau, a USS Sioux City hat. 

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