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Singing Hills Reservoir "Sioux City Sue" theme still alive


A Sioux City ground storage reservoir is in need of a touch-up. 

Sioux City city council approved to paint the Singing Hills Storage Reservoir's exterior. 

But the city still needs to decide exactly what will be painted on it. 

Initial plans include painting Sioux City on top of the tower, so people can see it when flying over the city. 

They also want to include the title of the song "Sioux City Sue" with some music notes along the side. 

The city is still looking at the cost of the copyright for the song. 

"This water tower is going to be an entrance billboard for Sioux City. So, when people come in or leave Sioux City they're going to remember us and, that's what it's all about to me," says Sioux City Council member Rhonda Capron. 

The city council wants to use private funds for the painting.

Cost for the painting is expected to reach between 20 and 30 thousand dollars. 

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