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Orthopedic surgeon explains unique benefits of new surgical center


Tri-State Specialists is teaming up with the Delta Hotel to bring the Riverview Surgical Center to South Sioux City.

The development, along the Missouri River, will be the first of its king for our area.

Tri-State Specialists Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Lee Michael Hilka says construction is expected to take a little less than 11 months.

He adds that the new facility will employ 150 people.

28 million dollars are being spent on new equipment including hospital grade operating rooms.

The building and land are coming in at just under 30 million dollars.

Patients who have procedures done at the new Riverview Surgical Center and may not be ready to return home can choose to recover with continued supervised care at the Delta Hotel next door.

The goal of this new facility is to enhance and provide more options in a patient's experience.

Dr. Michael Doarn, an Orthopedic Surgeon at Tri-State Specialists, says it will also save the patient's money.

"I think it gives them another option- another place that they can have care," said Dr. Michael Doarn, Orthopedic Surgeon at Tri-State Specialists. "One of the goals of this facility is to offer the same quality of care that we do now, but at a lower cost, and often times in a bundled payment to make it simpler for patients."

The most anticipated part of the development is what are called "comfort suites". 

"They'll have the same care that they would in a hospital," adds Dr. Doarn. "They'll have therapists, they'll have the nursing care. But it will be in a quiet, clean, environment that's more comfortable. That's part of the goal, is to have comfort suites, comfort care for our patients."

The new center will also bring in specialists that many patients in Siouxland are already seeing.

Instead of driving to Omaha or Sioux Falls, patients would be able to see the same doctors at the new Riverview Surgical Center.

"As an example, in the orthopedic realm, that would be foot and ankle surgery," said Dr. Doarn. "A foot and ankle fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon. So that will be something to offer Siouxland, that we don't currently have."

KTIV's Jennifer Lenzini also spoke with another orthopedic surgeon, that says this will greatly benefit those needing total joint replacements. 
That story will be on Tuesday night, on KTIV News 4 at 6.

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