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HEALTHBEAT 4: Comfort and Joy Drive


Unfortunately, the The Mercy Child Advocacy Center is no stranger to children of abuse.

"They have seen a record number of children in the past few months," said Susan Fey, President of Mercy's Auxiliary.

Through advocacy efforts though, the staff is committed to the prevention of child abuse.

A group of volunteers called the Angels In Blue, embrace the Center, and want to help in any way they can.

President of Mercy's Auxiliary, and head of Angels in Blue, took it upon herself to hold whats called, a Comfort and Joy Drive.

Businesses, organizations, or even families, can easily participate in the drive.

"You can decide with your group, what would work best," said Susan Fey, President of Mercy's Auxiliary. "So if it's one week, if it's three days, if it's the whole month of December- it's really up to you. And then, you just put out a box, and let everyone know what the cause is, and why it's important."

Each child is then offered a stuffed animal to comfort them when they are at the CAC.

So how do you participate?

"People need to bring in new stuffed animals, with tags on," adds Fey. "They have to be brand new, they can't be used (due to health regulations). They just bring them in, and then let us know, 'this is the day they'll be ready to be picked up.' And then one of us from the Angels in Blue group will go over and pick it up, and bring it to the center and deliver them to the staff here."

Lately, the amount of stuffed animals have been running low, so the need for this drive is great.

"That's one thing they can take with them, is a piece of comfort as they leave the center," adds Fey.

If you plan to participate, you can contact Susan (F-eye) Fey, at the email on your screen. 

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