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Accident on Highway 20 near Lawton, IA slows down traffic



The foggy conditions are to blame for a two-vehicle.

The crash happened just after 7:30 am Monday at the intersection of Delaware Avenue and Highway 20.

The Iowa State Patrol said a truck was stopped at a stop sign on Delaware to turn on to the Highway, and then due to the low visibility due to the fog, another vehicle rear-ended the truck causing front-end damage.

Both of the drivers were transported to Mercy Medical Center with minor injuries.

Speed was not a factor in this accident.

"With dense fog and low visibility, it is important that drivers slow their vehicle down even below the posted speed limit to allow themselves more distance and more time to stop their vehicle," said Sgt. Nick Albrecht Iowa State Patrol. 

The Iowa State Patrol urges drivers also to slow down during rain, snow, and ice, and to make sure you have your headlights on so you can be visible to other drivers.

The Iowa State Patrol, Woodbury County Sheriffs Officer, Woodbury County Emergency Services, Woodbury County Vehicle Enforcement, and Lawton Ambulance all responded to the scene.


Law enforcement was called to Highway 20 and Delaware near Lawton, Iowa Monday morning. 

Lawton Ambulance, Woodbury County Emergency Services, and Iowa State Patrol responded to the scene. 

KTIV will have an update on air and online. 

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